Secrets to dressing sexy, and still being respected

This is an age-old fine line to walk. How to look sexy without looking too sexy. Take it a bit too far and people will treat your poorly and respect goes right out the window. You still want to look sexy though, as they say, if you’ve got it to flaunt it. It’s just not an easy thing to do. You want to enter a room and have all the men’s eyes on you, not their hands. There is an old saying paraphrased that says you want to look like you might, and not that you will. We have put a few things to help you stay on the sexy path without falling into the hussy pit.

Only expose one area

Don’t expose everything at once. A low cut top and miniskirt? That just takes you to hoochie land. Give them something to focus on, and one thing only. Do you have great legs? Then wear something with a slit or a shorter skirt. Cover up the rest. Great cleavage? Then wear something a little low cut and cover the other sexy parts. We don’t mean the other parts should be frumpy, you can still wear something tight, but, just give them one focus.

Dress up, not down

When in doubt, just dress a little better than you think. You want them to think you are on a higher level than them, something to achieve. They will treat you better and give you more respect if they think you are better than they are. So, dress up, just a little better than everyone else around you if you can. We don’t mean wear an evening dress to the beach, but just dress a little better.

The right level of sexy

You need to find your “sweet spot” for sexy. Too much and they won’t respect you (though they will tell you they will, but their attitude is on hormones only), too little and they won’t notice it. You want to attract them emotionally, not just physically, so think about it that way. The outfit is to get their attention, then when you have their attention, you want them to earn the rest. You want to get them wanting you emotionally.

Leave a lot to the imagination

Imagination is everything. Hiding your assets with a hint here and there is what takes you to the next level. That is what the lingerie business makes all its money on. A low cut top will get them wondering and they will want to see more. It’s funny really, but a low cut top is sexier than no top at all.

Attitude is everything

Of course, the clothing can only take you so far. The rest is the attitude. Be happy, and chat with people. If you are in a group, make sure you don’t spend too long with any one person. At a party, move around, give them a taste of you and leave them wanting more. Of course, if there is someone that you don’t want bothering you, shut them down politely, and move on. Don’t keep chatting to them because you don’t want to be rude, just excuse yourself and go chat with someone else. If this advice seems like it is from the last century, that is because the basics never change.

The right kind of sexy takes work, it isn’t just about wearing less. It’s a package deal. Just like making your own fashion style, sexy is about making your own sexy style as well. All the effort to make a complete package is worth it though. The effects are quite amazing if done right. It will open doors, and we mean that literally. Looking just the right kind of sexy can take you a long way. We know, the feminist in you is screaming it shouldn’t matter, but we don’t make the rules, so sometimes we just use them the best way we can. The trick to being sexy really is making them desire you but also making yourself untouchable. Let’s bring some sexy back.