Ongredients: 2022’s Latest Vegan Cleanser

It’s plain to see that there are many merits of a vegan (or flexitarian) lifestyle for helping protect the earth. After all, the less meat we consume, the more we do to help stop climate change.

It can be hard to stop eating meat altogether, but choosing the vegetarian option when we can is a victory in its own right.

The trend of veganism can not only be seen in the foods we eat, but also in our body and skin care products, too.

That’s why vegan products are generating a lot of buzz recently, and we can see that there’s a deep interest in these products at the consumer level.

There are many vegan cosmetic products on the market lately, and one vegan cleansing ball in particular has caught our eye.

The Ongredients cleansing ball is a vegan product that can wash your hair, face, and body, all in one product.

Plus, zero animal testing was conducted in the development of this product, and the product features all-natural rose, kelp, and aloe extracts.

Ongredients also comes with zero plastic packaging or containers, and melts away gradually as you se it. That means there’s no plastic waste at all.

When showering with Ongredients, just put it in the suds pouch. The suds pouch is organic and completely biodegradable, making Ongredients even better for the planet.

And if you have sensitive skin, the product’s slightly acidic pH is preferable to the harsh alkaline of other soaps. Washing with Ongredients feels a lot better for the skin, and leaves you feeling moisturized and revitalized.

Slightly acidic soaps have a reputation for being less bubbly. But when placed in the suds pouch, Ongredients makes a lot more bubbles than most soaps out there.

This also makes Ongredients great for getting rid of things like makeup.

A vegan product with this much going for it gets a big recommendation from us. You can find Ongredients, the cleanser that makes your skin AND the planet feel better, on Kickstarter.