Sustainable flip-flops to save the earth

Customize your flip-flops with different straps, footbeds, etc.

Eco-conscious consumption has recently taken up among the younger generation as a new trend. Fashion businesses are also introducing numerous eco-conscious and vegan items aimed at them since people spend money on sustainable products to show their individuality. One of the popular products is the sustainable flip-flop product “EWIG 221,” which is now being funded on Kickstarter.

Introducing Ewig221, a sustainable flip-flop to save our planet. Ewig221 is 100% recyclable since it is made of TPE material, which can be melted down and used again. The flip-flops are simple to assemble and disassemble because of its modular design. Simply replace the damaged part to keep using the shoes. Furthermore, absolutely no chemicals, such as glue and so on, are used in the manufacturing process – which is also environmentally beneficial. Ewig221 has outstanding durability as well. Ewig221’s flip-flop strap is powerful and capable of withstanding the physical force of even the strongest people.

You can protect the environment and show the world your color with Ewig2121. There are 5 colors you may choose from, including black, creamy white, beige, blue, and orange. You can match the color of each component of the shoes to your personality. You get the impression that you have several pairs of shoes without needing to buy any more. The pledged funds for color customization add-ons will be contributed to Eden Project (nongovernmental organization).

A heel cushioning system is attached to the heel section of the product to absorb the impact of the heel from continuous walking, and the product’s sole is shaped like an arch to keep the foot comfortable even when worn for a long time. If you are concerned about the health of your feet, Ewig221 is a wonderful option. The heel cushion is removable and available in products with several degrees of elasticity, allowing you to modify it to the level of elasticity you like.

On Kickstarter, meet Ewig221, your very own personalized flip-flops that can save the planet!