Picking the right heel for the right occasion

Shoes are some people’s life, but even if you are an Imelda Marcos (reported to have 1,220 pairs of shoes), sometimes it’s hard to know what the right pair to wear for certain occasions is. There are many different kinds of heels, and not all of them appropriate for some places. Can you Imagine trying to walk on the beach in stilettos? Some heels have more flexibility than others, but you also want to get the most bang for your buck. You want your legs to look glamorous as well as being reasonably comfortable. We have tried to make a list of heels and where they work well and where they don’t.


These are the ones you keep for when you really want to show off. They are perfect for parties and depending on your outfit, a formal occasion. Make sure you can walk comfortably in them though, as all the points you get for the height and sexy legs, goes right out the window if you wobble. A good trick is getting another pair of mid heel or kitten shoes that look similar. Later in the evening, you can do a quick change and most people won’t even notice. You have already made your entrance, so you don’t lose much. Your feet will thank you though, if you have to be on them for any length of time.
Stilettos: Party, formal, club, and fun.

High heels

These are the main basic shoe. They are the ones that started it all. They are the most popular and attractive. High heels make you stand differently and accentuate your legs. High heels are good for almost anything except when you are going to be on your feel for a long period or on soft surfaces such as grass for a garden party or the beach.
High heels: Anywhere that is a hard surface, mid casual to black tie.

Mid heels

Mid heels are just what they say, they are mid heels. They are the same as high heels only shorter. They are good for tall women that want to have the body change and emphasize the legs, but not go full amazon tall. They are a little more comfortable than high heels, but not by so much, the same rules apply
Mid heels: Anywhere that is a hard surface, mid casual to black tie.

Kitten heels

These are probably the best all-around shoes for most occasions. They are good for the office and can be fine for a formal event. You can have them as glamorous as you want. The heels are good for longer times on your feet, as the heels are smaller, usually less than 2 inches.
Kitten heels: Anything as long as the style is right.

Flats/no heels

These shoes are just straight comfort. When you are by yourself, honestly, are these the shoes you wear? Ballet pumps or tennis shoes, straight comfort. These shoes are fine for a casual day out, and definitely the appropriate wear for a picnic where any heal would die a miserable death in the grass. Depending on how you accessorize and dress, you can take them up to mid-range events, but we would not wear them for anything where we need to show off unless we are going for a specific cute look.
No heels: Anything up to Semi-formal, casual, super casual


Wedges are a casual shoe that is also quite comfortable. You still retain the height and leg curves that you get with heels, but you also get the comfort of a well-balanced shoe with a lot of support. We would not wear wedges to anything formal or upscale, but for anything casual, up to a midrange dinner, they are good. Especially if you are going to have a romantic walk afterward.
Wedges: Casual, dinner, dates, family gatherings. Soft locations such as garden parties.


Platforms are similar to wedges and can look very similar. We aren’t talking Elton John or 1970’s platforms here, we are just talking reasonably. They give you a nice height lift; the angle of the foot isn’t as steep as wedges giving them more comfort. These are also good for walking and standing on your feet for extended periods. Depending on the platform they can be used for formal events, but not black or white tie events. Suit level. They are better for upper casual though. If you wear a platform too tall though, it is quite easy twisting your foot severely if you step wrong so be careful.
Platforms: Comfort, height, casual and semi-formal, dates, social parties.

It was a hard choice to decide whether to talk about the occasions themselves and what shoes you should wear, or the shoes and what occasions. As there are so many diverse occasions, we felt we needed to go to heel type as a lead. You just need to think ahead a bit, and think how you will feel at the end of the night, not only how great you will look walking in (though you could always bring an extra pair of shoes if it will be a long night and still make that spectacular entrance). Just use your imagination and imagine what might happen and where you might go. A little research is nice too, as there is nothing worse than going to a party in stilettos and finding it’s out on the grass outside. Wearing the right heels will make a difference to how much you enjoy yourself, so decide wisely.