Retro chic or hipster, making your own style (for women)

It’s been quite the big thing in recent years being a hipster. Though in the older days we used to call it retro-chic. Really all it means is making your own style. Finding a look that works for you, that might be a little old school on the edge and away from convention. But we both know when you find that look? You can walk into a room and all eyes will be upon you (in a good way). Though I suppose if it was in a bad way, you will still have all eyes upon you, so maybe it’s a win-win. All joking aside, finding your own style is not as easy as it sounds. Wearing a frumpy housecoat or shapeless dress is not your style. People that say that’s their style are lying to themselves, what they are really doing is hiding behind that look as they are too afraid to make the effort and change. This is why makeover shows on the television are so amazing, as they force miss frumpy into the real world, and you can see her just light up. She could have done it herself, but sometimes you just need a little push.

Go shopping

Yaaay shopping, hey, any reason to go shopping is worth it. We sometimes think that we need water, food, oxygen, and shopping, as these all the basic necessities of survival. Start exploring vintage clothing shops, swap meets, and thrift stores. See what you can find. Have fun with it. Don’t just pick what you always pick, see what you can do to break the mold.

Take a friend

Preferably an open-minded friend, this is probably not a job for mom. You want someone to encourage you to try on that panda top that you would never even look at before. Tell them you are trying to make some new style changes and they will be more excited than you to go shopping. The only thing more fun than shopping for you is shopping for someone else for a makeover.

Know your body type

This is important, as it is the mold you hang all those clothes on. You need to know your sizes. Some outfits just don’t work on skinny, and some just don’t work on plus size. You need to know your shape and shop accordingly. That doesn’t mean you can’t go wild, you can still try on things that won’t work as that’s half the fun, but you will know when you do, as well as your friend will, what’s not going to cut it

Dare to experiment

Don’t just skip over things on the rack, think that you can wear everything there and how will it look. Try some things on that you are sure you won’t like, just because once you do, it will open your horizons a bit more. The first time is hard, but each time it gets easier until you are truly finding your own style as you are not afraid anymore of stepping out of the box.

Ignore the mainstream

The mainstream is fine really, if you want to just fit in and be another clone. The mainstream fashion stores might have great outfits, but the business model is to make things that have the widest appeal. This won’t help you find your own retro fashion that much.

Open your mind

Again, don’t skip things just because you would never wear them. Try them on. Leather pants? Why not, go for it, even if you don’t like them, you now know for sure. Open your mind to new things to find your way. Wear a 40’s casual dress with a baseball cap, it doesn’t matter what you do, just go with it until you suddenly love something you find.

Have more than one look

This can’t be said enough. Many people get locked into one look. You can still have a favorite look and wear it most often, but if you don’t have the other looks as well, you will just become that girl that wears the same look always. They will recognize you by your clothes and not who you really are. You need to surprise people and get them talking, show your confidence with different styles. Think of all the people you know, do most of them stick with the same look always? Can you even remember half of what they wear? You need to open people’s eyes and open yours. Get a few totally different styles.

We hope this has given you a little push towards breaking out of your mold. There is nothing more freeing than a little walk on the wild side with clothes and fashion. Instead of just pushing down the rack and saying this isn’t my style, have a look at things you might not wear and give it a go. Who knows, that pair of purple bellbottoms and the macramé top might be awesome (or not), you never know until you try.