5 Fashion tips for the plus size woman

Plus size means plus sexy, that’s our story and we are sticking to it. If you are a plus size woman, no matter how big that plus is, there are more than enough men to chase you and make you feel sexy if you dress the right way. Most of the fashion rules are the same for everyone, with a few extra if you are a little larger than the runway models. You can be proud of your look, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that they should love you for who you are and wear tight spandex and a midriff tank top. You might argue with us and say there is nothing wrong with that, be proud and show it, but let us ask you if you feel the same way when you see a heavy guy in speedos. We would guess that you look and aren’t thinking that he looks sexy, you are probably thinking why is he wearing those and how horrible he looks. In his head he is sexy and he is showing. You can still look amazing and sexy, (and so can he) but, you have to wear something that works for you and brings out your best. It’s the same as naturally skinny people (damn them) they have to wear what’s right to make them look good. So here we go, some tips to throw at you.

Don’t hide it

Hun, it’s who you are, embrace it. Most of the time when you try and hide it, it just makes you look worse. Be proud of who you are, and wear something that fits well. Carry that attitude with you as well. If you are nervous and trying to hide your extra-sized parts, it will come across and drag you down. Just as if someone was nervous on a scar or a pimple, they will act differently. So, love it, and be confident (even if you have to fake it till you make it).

Color play

Even if we are proud of ourselves, we all agree we have some parts we are prouder on than others. You can use color to emphasize those. The parts you don’t want people to look at, you wear darker, the parts you do, you wear lighter. This is the same for skinny people, some fashion rules just don’t change

Use your curves

You are curvy, being a plus size you can’t help but be curvy, so use those curves, emphasize the right ones. You can’t force yourself into a standard pattern. You are never going to have an hourglass figure so don’t wear clothes that you think will work for that. A too tight pair of jeans will just give you that muffin top looks, wear things that fit, and embrace the curves.

Don’t wear too tight

Repeating what we started to say above, as strange as it might sound, if you wear clothes that are too tight, it emphasizes that you are big. Wear clothing that is fitted to you. If you can get it tailored, all the better. You will look better in a tailored outfit than the skinny woman that is wearing something that doesn’t fit right. Too tight clothes are when you are in your teens and learning style, when you are a woman, wear the right size.

Standard fashion advice

Just because you are plus sized doesn’t mean you are any different than anyone else. 95% of all fashion advice applies to you as well. Use accessories to highlight your best attributes, make your own style, etc. etc. Tailor your fashion to you, whether you are plus size or not. Though it does make it a bit harder when shopping to get the right sized cute outfit, as many manufacturers thinks plus sized women only wear ugly tents. But if you shop enough, or have the extra money to hire a seamstress, you can find the right things to fit you that will make you stunning.

Ok, we hope that helped, and we say embrace your size and shape, just embrace it the right way. Unfortunately, life and culture doesn’t favor the plus size but its changing, so get out there and show them you are amazing and not to be trifled with. Remember, plus size is plus sexy.