Women’s hats! are they coming in or going out of style?

Hats have been going in and out of style for hundreds of years. There have been times where it was essential for every woman to wear one, and times when nobody is wearing one, but, no matter what the latest fashion gurus say, there is always room for a good hat. Hats are a great fashion statement, as well as an great accessory for those bad hair days. Hats aren’t as popular as they once were, in fact back in the day it was rare that you ever saw anyone without a hat. Things have changed a lot since that day, the hat is no longer an essential, but it still has a lot of popularity in fashion and style. So, we believe the days of hats are gone, but hats will still never go out of style. Here are a few of the basic hats that are left.


The beanie has made a strong comeback, especially with the hipster community. It’s about the easiest hat to own, and wear. This is a casual hat, though some have worn it with a dress to the Oscars, trust us when we say a movie star can get away with that, you probably can’t. It is the perfect hat for bad hair days as well, and it can actually keep your head warm in cold weather. It is easy to pack, and clean. You can add a few clips or bits of jewelry to it and take a bright colored beanie to the next level of cute.

Wide Brim

These are the awesome old-fashioned hats, and if you are going to the races or the regatta, it is appropriate. Have fun with them. Pretend you are Gretta Garbo or another movie star from the 40’s. Just make sure it matches your outfit, as a wide brim hat is a package deal.

Baseball cap

Originally not a girl’s cap, but a guy’s cap, it has become more unisex these days. It is also an easy cap to wear to look cute and cover that bad hair day as well. Tie a ponytail and loop it thought he back and you have the perfect casual look. Just remember hat etiquette, a baseball hat is one of those that you have to take off when you enter someone’s house or go into a restaurant. It is just polite.


There are many kinds of formal hats, and they don’t have to be large, they can almost resemble a decoration in your hair even. If you are going to a wedding, or some other formal event, you can add a little oomph to your look with a nice formal hat. Don’t go with a wide brim though, formals these days are best kept fairly close to the head.

We do miss some of the most amazing pieces of artwork that were made in the old days. The hats for women were the main showpiece. It was the ultimate in fashion and style, and some of the hats in those days were truly pieces of wearable art. These days we don’t have those anymore. There are still occasions and places you can wear them, but, they are few and far between now. Those hats are also difficult to travel with. In those days people took hat boxes, basically a small suitcase for the hat to keep it safe. These days simple is more the norm, but, you can still jazz it up a bit. Experiment, try wearing a hat for the day, see how it fits you.